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The Missionary Mandate of the Parish: Christian Life Embedded in Our Neighbourhoods

Evangelisation is not the work of a single committee but rather the mandate for every parishioner and parish ministry. Drawing on the priestly, prophetic and royal charism of our Baptismal vocation, This presentation will explore how parishes form a missionary consciousness in their parishioners and how parishes can assess and increase their capacity for evangelisation in three movements: bringing the Good News to the unevangelised, inviting inactive Catholics to rediscover a relationship with Jesus and moving parishioners from evangelised to evangelisers at home, on the job and in the world. Pastoral planning tools that aid parishes in moving from “maintenance to mission” highlight the mandate to move out to the peripheries of our communities to invite people to encounter the Risen Christ.

About Dr Timoney

Dr Susan Timoney is the Secretary for the Secretariat of Pastoral Ministry and Social Concerns for the Archdiocese of Washington in the United States. In this capacity Dr. Timoney is responsible for coordinating and implementations archdiocesan-wide evangelisation initiatives. As Secretary she oversees the work of the archdiocesan offices that directly serve pastors and parishes in the area of worship, family life, youth and young adult ministry, ministry to deaf persons and persons with disabilities, Life Issues and Project Rachel a healing program for women who have had abortions and men who have been touched by abortion, pastoral planning, hospital, prison and campus ministry chaplaincies. Susan also serves on the Theological Advisory Commission for the archdiocese.

Dr. Timoney earned a Pontifical licentiate and doctoral degree at the University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, where she lived, worked and studied for five years. Dr. Timoney is an adjunct associate professor at The Catholic University of America, where she teaches and directs project theses for the Doctorate in Ministry Program.

Previous to joining the Archdiocese of Washington, Dr. Timoney served as Vice – President for the Education Parish Service Program, a certificate program in Scripture and theology for lay women and men. Susan also served for ten years as a pastoral minister in parishes in rural Alaska in the Native-American community, and in the Mid-west in the African-American community. Washington D.C. where she now lives is home to more than twenty language groups.

She serves as a board member for the Lay Center at Foyer Unitas in Rome, as an Overseer for the Dominican House of Studies in Washington D.C. and on the board of advisors for the Catholic Apostolate Center. During the visit of Pope Francis to the U.S. last September, Susan served as a co-host for the Philadelphia portion of the trip for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ live-stream coverage. Susan is a regular contributor to the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Daily Scripture video reflections and lectures nationally and internationally on topics related to evangelisation, the lay vocation and mission and Catholic Spirituality.

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