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How can we as Church communicate the unchanging message of the Gospel to today’s generation in a way in which they can hear it, let alone receive it? This workshop will break open various ways to evangelise among youth and young adults, including media and music, naming those influential tools that have not only proven to capture the attention of our young people today but which can be harnessed by all parish
communities to ‘spearhead a new evangelisation of our nation’. Parishes that engage the next generation in creative ways become beacons that attract the entire family of faith, from parents to toddlers. The Church is already encouraging us to find new ways and means to evangelise; now we just need the tools – and the courage – to step out and revive the whole community through contemporary communication and the power of our Gospel witness.

About Pat

Pat Keady is the Director of Ignite Youth, a ministry of the Emmanuel Community in Brisbane. He has been involved in youth evangelisation for over 20 years, as a musician and songwriter with Catholic band emmanuelworship, as a speaker at the Ignite Conferences and as an author of two books. Pat is married to Kym (Real Talk Australia) who together have the pleasure of raising three awesome teenagers.

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PROCLAIM 2016 conference is organised on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference by the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay.
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