Marcel Koper thumbMarcel Koper

Jesus said to ‘Love one another as yourself’ and this inherently mandates us to love ourselves. Self-care is crucial to our work in parish ministry and evangelisation and yet we do not often understand the emotional, physical and psychological impact our work can have. In fact it is alarming how many people either tire or burn out from their involvement in parish life and ministry. This workshop will detail the impact of working with others and strategies and means to manage this effectively. Discussion of the concept of ministry supervision, managing effective personal and professional boundaries, and succession planning will provide participants with practical steps to foster balance in their own lives which also leads to the better functioning of parishes, especially in a culture where time poverty and busyness can dominate. This is a workshop for everyone, including priest, parishioner, youth leader and pastoral carer, among others.

About Marcel

Marcel Koper’s sense of mission in the church is that by supporting one person to do their work/ministry then he is supporting the hundreds that person is ministering to. Currently Marcel is in private practice providing ministry/clinical supervision to both health professionals and people in ministry. He is a casual academic with the University of Divinity in Melbourne having co-created the Grad Cert in Supervision.

Marcel has over 20 years’ experience in counselling with young people, adults and couples and also is an experienced critical incident debriefer. He has also specialised in trauma, drugs and alcohol and complex mental health.

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PROCLAIM 2016 conference is organised on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference by the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay.
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