Bishop Nicholas HudsonBishop Nicholas Hudson

‘Evangelising the Unchurched’; ‘Reaching out to Non-churchgoing Catholics’; ‘Evangelising Young People’; ‘Becoming a Poor Church for the Poor’: whatever aspect of Evangelisation we wish to embark upon, it requires conscientious discernment. It requires a team, a Parish Evangelisation Team, to coordinate such an initiative. “The Gospels teach us,” says Bishop Nicholas, “that discipleship requires us to move from asking ‘Who is my neighbour?’ and ‘What more can I do?’ to considering ‘Who are my partners?’ and ‘How do we organise ourselves for mission?’” In this workshop, he will lead a process to guide parishes to start organising themselves for mission.

The workshop will consider many aspects of forming a Parish Evangelisation Team: Who should be involved in deciding membership of a Team? How do we approach them? What kind of diversity is legitimate and welcome? What qualifications are required? What are its terms of reference? From there he will move on to consider how to develop the Team: How do we deepen the Team’s prayer-life? What training can be given? How does the Team discern new Evangelising priorities? Does a chosen initiative require specific formation? How does the Team communicate with the Parish? Pope Francis calls us, in the Joy of the Gospel, to make our parishes “completely mission-oriented” (EG 28). Forming Evangelisation Teams is where we start.

About Bishop Hudson

Bishop Nicholas Hudson was ordained Auxiliary Bishop for the Diocese of Westminster on 4 June 2014. He is Titular Bishop of St Germans.

Bishop Nicholas has responsibility for the pastoral care of Central and East London, consisting of the Deaneries of Camden, Hackney, Islington, Marylebone, Tower Hamlets and Westminster, and has oversight of the Agency for Evangelisation.

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PROCLAIM 2016 conference is organised on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference by the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay.
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