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Vibrant, engaging liturgy is a powerful agent of evangelisation in any parish. This is especially true for liturgies with children and their families who can find the experience of worship challenging, even difficult. This workshop will share tools to actively engage the hearts, heads and hands of children and adults in liturgical celebrations. It will canvass how storytelling, drama, movement, the homily, and music can combine to foster meaningful and inclusive liturgy and connect families more fully with the Gospel, the Eucharist and the parish community, and God’s mission. This workshop will be underpinned by Sacrosanctum Concilium, The Directory for Masses with Children and Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium, ‘The Joy of the Gospel’.

About Michael and Anne

Michael Mangan is a composer and music liturgist whose songs are used in Liturgy and RE throughout Australia, NZ and North America. Michael holds a BA(Mus), GradDipEd and an MTheol (Lit Studies). Anne Frawley-Mangan is an experienced educator, presenter and writer with a long and loving association with drama, learning and liturgy. Her Master's thesis examined how the Arts can enhance sacramental preparation with children. She is currently engaged in Doctoral research on the liturgical experience of those who attend Mass regularly.

Michael & Anne tour internationally presenting workshops, keynotes, and concerts and produce music and drama-based resources for schools and parishes. Anne is a sessional academic at ACU and teaches Proclamation & Communication at Holy Spirit Seminary in Brisbane. Michael is National President of the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network and, together with Anne is passionately involved in the Liturgy and Family Mass teams at All Saints Parish in Brisbane.

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PROCLAIM 2016 conference is organised on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference by the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay.
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