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In Evangelii Gaudium Pope Francis invited “a Church which is poor and for the poor” (EG 198). What does this mean? This workshop will unpack the challenge of Pope Francis’ call to poverty and outreach to those who suffer in our midst. It will provide practical strategies and practices of parish formation so that all members of the parish can be prepared to be an authentic ‘sanctuary where the thirsty come to drink in the midst of their journey, and a centre of constant missionary outreach’ (EG 28). This radical conversion of the parish for mission demands an awareness of our own poverty, a radical commitment to the other, especially those living at the ‘margins’, and the building up of a parish culture that understands itself and acts unceasingly as a living instrument of Gospel simplicity and mercy.

About Lana

Lana Turvey is the National Program Manager for Mission Formation and Professional Development at Catholic Mission. She has studied in the areas of mission, theology and church, holds Bachelor Degrees in Commerce and Arts and a Masters Degree in Development and Human Rights. Lana has worked with Catholic Mission since 2007, initially as the diocesan director for Sydney Archdiocese and Broken Bay Diocese, then with the national team in Zambia and now with the national team in Australia. Prior to joining Catholic Mission, Lana worked with corporate businesses and their executive teams on leadership, implementation of vision, values and organisational culture. She has lived and worked in Zambia, Peru, Timor-Leste and Japan.

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PROCLAIM 2016 conference is organised on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference by the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay.
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